Charlie Birtles Hothouse 2017 Image 1.jpg
Charlie Birtles Hothouse 2017 Image 1.jpg

Front cover


Front cover

Charlie Birtles





I create artworks of curiosity. Inspired by miscellanea, from a compulsion to find and collect, I endeavour to explore value and meaning of unsung objects.

My choice of materials come from everyday items, and combined with meticulous processes and repetitive techniques, lead me through a narrative by which I organically create. Their tactility and texture often suggest movement; their overall aesthetics conjure a depth to explore.

Each object I create is carefully considered; collective they form a ‘landscape’ of my reflective process.

I enjoy leaving them free to be interpreted by the viewer.

I graduated in 2015 after studying Three-Dimensional Design at Manchester School of Art. Since then, I have exhibited in galleries and shows across the country, receiving accolades from selection panels as ‘One to Watch’. Most recently, I was selected for the Crafts Council’s development programme Hothouse. I develop new works in my studio in Cheshire, while I continue to reside in Manchester.

Alongside my making practice, I work on developing other creative projects within communities.

I am also a member, as well as a regional co-ordinator, of the artist network Design Nation.